Priyanka Pai
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 Hero is an an experience by GoPro to promote their HERO7 camera. This experience is located at resorts and patrons get the opportunity to use the GoPro camera to take pictures at their excursions. This is to prove that GoPro cameras can withstand the types of environments that smart phones cannot.

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Decorative hotel photography is replaced with images taken by a GoPro along with the Hero logo.

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At the Hero experience booth, patrons are given waterproof lanyards—with a tongue-in-cheek tag—to keep their smartphones safe, indicating that their smartphones cannot withstand the same environment that a GoPro can.

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Guests register and receive their GoPro, lanyard, and instructions at the Hero booth located near a beach excursion. They can also purchase cameras at this location.

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The Hero microsite provides users with instructions for the experience and to retrieve the images taken. If patrons share their photos on social media using the hashtag #TheGoProHero, they are entered in a drawing to win a free HERO7.

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